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Yahoo is one of the most popular web portal across the world. It is best know for its service yahoo mail and a veriety of other services like web portal, search, directory, axis, messenger and others. It was formed in January 1994 by two electric engineering students doing graduation in Stanford University. The first name of this popular portal was "Jerry's Guide To The World Wide Web" which was basically a directory of other websites. In March 1994 it was officiallly given the name of yahoo which stands for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle".

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Yahoo Mail

It is best known for its webportal, messenger and search. Besides them yahoo offers a wide range of service like answers, groups, axis and other. There was a time when it has a monopoly over internet industry but as time passes new and new service came which increased the competition. Some most popular services are:


It has many alternatives around the world, as it offers a wide variety of proudcts so alternative varies in terms of category products. It has been a long time for struggling to reinvent itself but still it has many good features. Some most popular alternative may be :

  • Gmail (Mail Competitor)
  • Hotmail (Mail Competitor)
  • RocketMail (Its now Yahoo Mail)
  • Google (Search Competitor)
  • Microsoft (WebPortal Competitor)
    • Bing (Search Competitor)
There are only a few to name, otherwise there are a lot of competitors and alternatives in every category and in every corner of the world. However, it is struggling hard nowadays to maintain its success but it got an average of one CEO per year from the past 5 years.